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Upper Level Bath
Upper level master
Living Room 1
Ext 2
Ext Night Front
Ext 4
Master Sitting Room 2
Kitchen 640
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       Prepare Your Seller for the Session

I will shoot the property as I find it, so encourage your seller to prepare the home for the photography session. A staged home photographs better than an 'unstaged' home.

Please rearrange or move items that you do not want in the photographs. It is also helpful if both the seller and Realtor are present in the event additional items need to be moved.

All lights, including floor and table lamps should be turned on, and all blinds and shades should be opened.

All personal items, such as clothing, toothbrushes, etc., as well as electronic remotes should be tucked away into closets or cupboards.

Please see the pricing schedule for additional visits to the property for 're-takes'.

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